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Garment Velvet

When it comes to personal looks, you choose the best apparels to add to your personality, and the apparels made from Velvet fabrics adds flair to one’s personality.We have a wide range of cotton, viscose & polyester velvets for women & men’s clothing.

100% Viscose velvet : 250gsm – 58″ wide – is the most elegant quality with soft drape and shimmering surface which is perfect for evening wear & dresses.

Polyester Micro velvet : 48″ wide – soft and ultra light velvet is a dream come true for women’s clothing – Dresses, evening gown etc – Indian ware – Saris, Blouses, Salwar suites, Dupatta etc.

Viscose velvet : 180gsm – 58″ wide – This unique quality has pile laid in one direction which gives satin look & high luster. Most suitable for appliqué garments. The glossiness of the satin look really makes the material high class.

Polyester Chiffon velvet : 175 gsm – 47″ wide – Thin, Soft & viscose like sheen, is most suitable for making Bridal gowns, evening dresses, prom dresses, scarves & children garments.

Polyester velvet : 200gsm – 56″ – Soft velvet made from high filament polyester yarn. Due to its thickness & durability it is ideal for making high fashion garments, designer shoes, Boots, Loafers, etc.

Polyester velvet : 170 gsm – 48″ wide – Super bright light weight luxurious velvet ideal for women & children’s clothing.

100% Viscose : 200 GSM – 54” wide – A crushed velvet dress is all the rage this fall. This style usually means dressing in layers. light coats, long vests, short dresses worn as tops –the possibilities are endless.

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